Dasein – Prometheus w/ VII Circle rmx on Venom Recordings

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4 March 2017
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Polish duo DASEIN offer us a dark matter filled version of the Prometheus myth.

In the dawn of mankind, the titan Prometheus stole the flame from the gods of Olympus (variations of the myth state that the fire was stolen with the help of Athena either from the forge of Hephaestus or from Helios’ chariot) to give it to men, allowing them to own their own destiny. Zeus as always, took it quite lightly. Initially he sent Pandora on earth to seduce the titan and condemn humanity. Once this attempt failed, the magnanimous father of all gods abducted Prometheus, and had him chained naked atop of the highest peak, he stuck a column in his body and condemned him to an endless supplice, having the liver ripped and eaten each day by an Eagle for all eternity.

The myth of Prometheus, a titan that sacrifices himself to give men the power to shape or destroy the world is still today a fashinating, actual and inspiring tale. From Mary Shelley to Ridley Scott many artists have analyzed and reinterpreted the myth of Prometheus with their art, giving birth to unique masterpieces of immense power. While in Frankenstein (or the modern Prometheus) the energy stolen from the god was the lighting, used to give life to inanimate matter, an energy to which we are hopelessly addicted to, and Ridley Scott in his homonymous genesis to Alien put on scene a race of alien titans generate life thanks to a biological weapon, the Dasein duo choses a different, more cosmic, kind of energy, weightless and deeply obscure.

The title track, Prometheus, kicks in with an engaging and hypnotic rhythm in which creaking sounds slide in, giving a constant cosmic industrial grandeur. The attack comes without rush, giving time to the ear to string along with the hypnotic stride, just to surprise and shock the listener with piercing mechanical grafts. The malinchonic whistles make a good contrast with the metallic beat creating the perfect mélange for when the live set comes to its zenith.

The second Track, Zodiac, is composed in a more classic fashion, giving more importance to the “space” component. The everlasting rhythmic order is moving and enthralling, creating a net contrast with Prometheus. If the title track was movement, humanity and participation, Zodiac is immobile, absolute and encircling, an obvious parallel between the Titan and the gods, with its regular revolutions of stars and constellations that subvert who is under its influence.

With his remix of Prometheus, VII Circle, succeed to capture the track’s essence amplifying its grandeur with massive injections of dark matter. He subverts the mechanical part liquefying the sound in organic movements with an unique cinematic deepness. In some passages you can almost perceive the stolen flame sparkle for a moment amidst the darkness before turning hidden again. Prometheus becomes an antihero, stalked by the eyes of the gods, a predator in a world that still has to mold itself. The remix by VII Circle is a distressing and spectacular hunt composed by sounds made of the same substance of the cosmos: Dark Matter.

The immediate answer to the VII Circle’s Prometheus is an equal match. The Zodiac’s remix, made by Memorial Home, gives us a cosmos straight out of the Lovecraftian Myth. Memorial Home revisit the Zodiac instilling it with fury, generating landscapes of cataclysms and spirit of vengeance toward the mortal beings. The absolute in the original track lingers in a more brutal and overwhelming accent. In the final part the chaotic movements are being snuffed one by one, losing their energy. The stars keep on going in circles with apocalyptic predictability.

Prometheus EP on Venom Recordings is not only a disc but also an experience. The energy instilled in the two tracks and their respective remixes is massive and calibrated. The innate coherence in the dualism of Prometheus/Zodiac, but also as Human/Divine is surprising not only in the original concept of DASEIN duo but also in the two remixes that reinvent and mold the original substance in the twin reinterpretations of VII Circle and Memorial Home, independently marvelous and shocking once put together. Four Tracks, two sides of an EP that are worth as the perfect sound for the Live stage and won’t disappoint neither the experts nor the public, but also as a concept album crafted with peculiar attentions to the sound with a massive reinterpretation in which the creativity replaces the flame (or the lighting if we put ourselves in Shelley’s hands) with Dark Matter, Zeitgeist and energy that fuels the creative engine of the actual musical, cinematographic and literary Avant Garde.

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