VII Circle – Archetype Ep (Rapid Eye Movement)

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14 ottobre 2017
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VII Circle duo comes back, with an EP that devastates the listener’s senses where darkness and purity are the twin nuclei from where the Archetype of electronic music is generated

VII Circle, the duo formed by Andrea Vallisneri and Andrea Casari celebrates with this release the birth of RAPID EYE MOVEMENT label. Archetype EP shows how the two artists become during composition a single, unique entity whose musical movements come from the beastlike, vital and deep darkness of the Club.

Archetype EP can be considered a declaration of intents and true manifesto of RAPID EYE MOVEMENT, in its search for an immediate and versatile sound that, unravels in the ears of the listener, creating dreamlike landscapes, with complexity without baroquisms sending deep vibrations to the most hidden chords of the soul.

The opening track, That Archeype that gives the name to the EP, drags the listener in a place where only the purest elements of electronic music are present.

Rythm, sound and obscurity.

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That thick darkness cut by strobo lights, that shows and conceals everything to the eye, essential biological matter for the clubbing’s existence itself, is rendered by VII Circle in an organic way on the track while the beat pushes without any pause in its solemn but also familiar and hypnotic gait,

Once he closes his eyes, the listener is already there, in a crowd lost in the pitch black of the room, pushed and attracted toward the music from the stage like a moth seeks the light. With this track VII Circle recreates the first specimen, absolute and autonomous of the relationship between listener and DJ.

Alpha, which shares the side A with Archetype, shares also the rythm in an ongoing hypnotic motion of continuity that has the clear purpose to not to break the illusion created so far.

Alpha staggers the listener in a subdermal way, with elegant and crystal clear sounds, glares in the unforgiving lack of light, that shows the artistic development of VII Circle whose experimentation with sound takes shape in the act of bounding the listener’s attention, driving him toward all the evolutions and the most subtle shades of a composition that has more than a few layers. All this is subordinated to that astonishing atmosphere that has been created.

“Archetype EP” B Side focus itself on conceptual and cinematic sounds.

“Nobody Can Escape From Himself” pushes the beat into oblivion. It vanishes, without trace or memory.

Only darkness remains, along with cold pitching sounds, in a heart wrenching feeling. The hypnotic frenzy is dissolved, leaving the listener with himself for 4 minutes and 36 seconds of profound, suggestive reflection.

A sensorial and intimate experience that has cinematic influences close to the most conceptual Sci Fi.

Keith Carnal Remix of “Nobody can escape from Himself” and the remix of “Alpha” by Farrago (Farrago’sTool) complete the EP

Keith Carnal Remix comes as a direct conclusion of the original mix, proposing again the original concept while adding an intense, beastlike beat. Carnal’s vision is more obsessive, magnifying and multiplying the strong emotional aura of the original track, thanks to Carnal’s mastership in that complex world that is Techno music.

“Alpha” reinterpretation by Farrago, on the other hand, takes the opposite way, sharping the cinematic and space age elements of the original mix, creating a cosmic and horrorific grandeur in full connection with the ésprit of Archetype EP’s B Side.

As digital bonus to the EP the Archetype experience ends with yet another version of Alpha by Farrago, a real surprise that brings back the early canons of Techno music, bringing back on the scene the beat of Archetype, making full circle that brings the listener back to the beginning of the album.

Archetype is a sensorial voyage in a darkness that no one would even wish to leave. Letting yourself go to the hypnosis of VII Circle’s compositions becomes natural and addicting. The moment when the vinyl starts to play we are all back in that obscure and chaotic habitat that is the dance floor, just below the stage, blinded by beams of light that cut through darkness, illuminating crowds of our own kind, all pointed and dragged toward the console, ready to lose our own inhibitions and let ourselves envelope in the most pure musical form, the Archetype of music, updated for the 21st Century.


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